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Intro - The Lab Ray Is Fired.... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Intro [Jul. 20th, 2005|12:23 pm]
Lab Ray Blog!
[Feeling |gigglyZAP ZAP ZAP]
[Listening To |Cowboys- Portishead]

Hi I'm Brissia Im angelic_lil_devil83 on neopets

So Far I have had a lot of stats changing in the last 2 years. Here's a small list of color changes only for Lexdohr:

Started out as a blue Shoyru
11/28/04 Faerie Shoyru
01/13/05 Spotted Shoyru
02/08/05 Checkered Quiggle
04/03/05 Green Yurble
05/12/05 Rainbow Yurble
05/17/05 Shadow Yurble
06/01/05 Red Grarrl ~

Goal is to max out his stats before turning him into a Plushie Shoyru.

My Ixi Ghalateah
has had one use of the lab and turned cloud color a while back, Have not Zapped her since then
Goal for her is to turn Maraqua

Goal for Ohlly is to turn Pink
and I will be getting rid of the Ice Bori ....(waiting for new species)

Well I think thats all